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Hello all, and, er, welcome to my profile. I'm Aimz. I am: romantic, easily amused, geeky and quiet (but nice... most of the time), with a horribly lame sense of humour. I'm an avid gamer and lover of various films and TV shows. I have a wonderful husband, who I talk about a lot. I also have two cats. I can be quite ranty, but also very cheery and bouncy. I also have a tendency to state the obvious quite often, I have awkward social skills as well as being easily annoyed, emotional, cynical, increasingly misanthropic, and kind of shy.

I tend to ramble about my interests/obsessions a lot. I have rather varied tastes in lots of different things, so you're likely to find all sorts on here.

I do not feel that I have to justify my opinions, decisions or preferences to anybody. If I happen to like something that you do not, or vice versa, don't let that put you off. Respect my opinions, and I'll respect yours.

I consider myself to be a very caring and sweet person, in spite of my sucky social skills, and I am fiercely loyal to those I love. I hate drama and do my best to avoid it at all times, and I will rarely have a problem with anyone unless they have a problem with me, or get on my wrong side. I'm generally not much of a people person. I will usually give people a chance, however, if my feelings are negative, I prefer to avoid confrontation. I find it difficult to open up to those I've only recently met and I freely admit to having trust issues. However, once a bond has developed, I will never break it.

I can be incredibly stubborn - once I've made up my mind about something, chances are I won't change my mind.

I despise narrow-mindedness/prejudice/intolerance/ignorance, two-faced people, overly rabid and/or elitist fangirls/fanboys, people who are needlessly rude, mombies, bratty children, character-bashing, pairing-bashing, smoking, religious zealots/extremists, people who try to force their opinions/beliefs on others, petty drama, really big spiders, fox-hunting, and know-nothing know-it-alls. And courgettes.


The content you'll find in this journal varies, depending on my mood. When I write about what's been going on in my life, I can be known to go into a lot of detail. Sometimes I'll write a loved-up entry pertaining to my lovelife. Sometimes I'll ramble enthusiastically about a game/film/show/etc. I'm obsessed with. Sometimes I post stupid little lists I've written, or other various things that perfectly showcase by bizarre/stupid sense of humour. Sometimes I post angry, expletive-filled rants. Sometimes I'll post a load of memes and surveys. Etc., etc.. Like I said, it all depends on my mood.

At the moment, the vast majority of my entries are public. However, there are a few which remain friends-only, simply because I do not feel comfortable sharing them with the world.

As for my friending policy: I'll add you if I feel that you're an interesting, decent person, and if we share several common interests. If you add me to your friends list (and leave a comment first), then chances are that I will add you back. But please do not add me if: your only intention is to expand your friends list/you're a rabid comment-craver/you have absolutely nothing in common with me/you're a moron/all of the above.

While I do comment whenever I have something to say, I do not comment on every single entry made by the people on my friends list. This is not because I am ignorant, it is because I can rarely think of anything decent to say, or because I worry too much about what people will think of what I write. Nor do I expect everyone to comment on every entry that I write. I do make an effort to read everyone's entries, however.

However, I will not automatically friend anybody who friends me. If this happens, it is because I do not feel that we share any common interests, if I don't think we'll get along very well, and suchlike. Even if we do share some common interests, I won't add you if you don't seem like the sort of person with whom I'd get along. Therefore, if I don't add you back after about a month or so, then please take me off of your friends list. Also, please don't feel offended if I fail to add you back. It's probably nothing personal.

Communities I own/co-own/maintain/moderate:

- fear_the_icons. Co-owned by myself and cat_san. As the title suggests, it is an icon community. A multi-fandom one, at that. Dedicated solely to the icon creations of both myself and cat_san. Feel free to have a look around there.

- asianhorroricon. Another icon community. As the title suggests, it is for the posting of icons related to Asian horror/extreme films. Anyone can post here.

- ihasacursedtape. A community dedicated to image macros of Asian horror/extreme films.

- sh_macros. Co-moderated with teotoluca. A community dedicated to image macros related to Silent Hill.



- Nina Williams from the Tekken series at gamecharacter.
- Scorpius from Farscape at tv_characters.

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Marriage is love.

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Gaming is love.

they really ARE love. For real.
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farscape is love.

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